Enticing little streets

IMG_4059Well, Varenna and Bellagio might be the most famous villages around Lake Como for quaint street scenery and alleyways that wind and scramble up and down the mountainside. But any of the villages on the western coast of the lake will offer plenty of opportunities for exploration. Just dive down any side street off the Via Statale and you will find yourself in a warren of ancient stone dwellings, linked by rough stone stairways and paved streets, so narrow that the eaves of the houses almost touch. All at once you leave the 21st century and become immersed in a very different world where the most sophisticated form of transport was the pony cart, and the ground floors may have housed animals during the winter, while the humans lived above. Life was harsh and hard for the poor, even in this earthly paradise.

This photo is a glimpse into the antico borgo of Gravedona.

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