The Via dei Monti Lariani – a new project!

For ages I have wanted to do a big hike in the Lake Como area, and this spring I am finally going to manage it.  The Via dei Monti Lariani is a four-stage trek from the southern tip of the lake, at Cernobbio, to Sorico at the northern tip. But instead of making the journey at the level of the waters, with the perspective that most people see on this magnificent landscape, the traveller on the Via dei Monti hikes up to a level of about 800 metres above the lake, and stays there – for a week!

At the end of April I am going to do the first half, that is, just from Cernobbio to Acquaseria. But this journey that normally takes an hour in the bus, will take me three days, through woods, alpine pastures, tiny farm hamlets and rocky peaks.  I’ll spend two nights in mountain rifugi, those rugged but welcoming inns for hikers and hunters, and I can’t wait to sit out late at night just gazing at the stars and the moonlight reflecting off the mountaintops and the waters of Lake Como and Lake Lugano far far below.

Here is a glimpse of what it would be like if I could beam myself there now:

Via dei monti lariani in winter

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