Kayaking, mountain biking, horse-riding, canyoning, paragliding – all these and more can be found around Lake Como.

First port of call is the Cavalcalario Club, based in Bellagio, which organises adventure activities for individuals and groups, on and around the mountains of the Triangolo Lariano.  They also have their own bed and breakfast guest house in Bellagio.  Tel/fax 0039  031964814, email

If you are staying in the central lake area, horseriding is available in the hills around Porlezza, west of Menaggio, at the Ranch Prato Rotondo, tel. 348-3312144.

Horseriding is also available at the Centro Ippico del Lario in Sorico, via della Torre, 7, tel 0039 034484500 with rides on the Pian di Spagna wildlife reserve; and also on the western side of the lake on the road between Menaggio and Porlezza, at the Centro Ippico Tenuta la Torre (more information available at the Menaggio Tourist Office).

And for children, from about 8 years old and up, there is a new attraction on the lake in the form of Jungle Raider Park, at Civenna, south of Bellagio, on the Triangolo Lario.  This is an eye-poppingly exciting mix of aerial runways, climbing, rope walks and assault courses, and isn’t for fainthearted parents.  Kids love it!  We reckon children deserve a day here just for being patient with the grown-ups sitting in endless cafes and ooh-ing and aah-ing at endless views.  A car is needed to get there though, unless you book a shuttle bus ride (need to book 24 hours in advance, tel. 366 1532 161.  If you would like us to book for you send us an email to
For thrilling canyoning in the mountains at the northern end of Lake Como, try