Madonna del Soccorso

The flagellation of Christ


The Sacro Monte della Madonna del Soccorso is one of a series of Sacri Monti in Lombardy and Piedmont, but the only one in the Lake Como area.   It was designated a Unesco World Heritage site in 2003, and consists of a series of small chapels lining a devotional path up the mountain to a 16th century sanctuary.  The fourteen chapels on the route were built in the Baroque style between 1635 and 1710, and are remarkable for the terracotta sculpture tableaux that depict different scenes from the story of Christ.  In order, these are:

I The Annunciation VIII The Crowning with Thorns
II The Visitation IX The Ascent of Calvary
III The Nativity X The Crucifixion
IV The Presentation at the Temple XI The Resurrection
V The Disputation between Jesus and
the Doctors in the Temple
XII The Ascension
VI The Oration at Gethsemane XIII Pentecost
VII The Flagellation XIV The Assumption of the Virgin